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Postcard #2 Baltic Sea Cruise

Nyhaven, Copenhagen
Copenhagen and Karlskrona The weather is one variable that requires flexibility and adaptability. After a day on the North Sea we were scheduled to arrive at Skagen, at the northern tip of Denmark next morning. The weather however seemed of a different mind—30-40 knot wind and 15-foot swells convinced our Captain, after determining that the local p...
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Postcard #1 Baltic Sea Cruise

Winchester, England
England and the Low Countries An hour or so walking tour of Winchester was a surprising bonus at the outset of this adventure. After a 15-hour flight from Sacramento, with a change of planes at Dallas-Fort Worth, we arrived at London's Heathrow Airport just before 7:00 AM. Unable to board our ship, Nautica, until noon, Oceania Cruises arranged...
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Canadian Postcard #2 -Toronto to Vancouver: Riding “The Canadian”



Following advice from the Via Rail ticket agent, we arrived early at the waiting lounge in Toronto's Union Station for our 10:00 PM train for Vancouver. Upon checking-in with the Train Supervisor (Conductor) we realized that while Gail had been upgraded to a double cabin, Janet and Stu were in separate single compartments. We asked to trade our two singles for a double. After checking his computer, the Supervisor agreed to upgrade all of us, and put us in adjoining double cabins. Perfect! 

So, after some brief angst, we were off to a good start on our 2775-mile rail journey across Canada. Welcomed aboard with (Canadian) sparkling wine in the dome car, we watched the city lights recede as our 25-car train made its way out of town. One thing we learned on this journey: Ontario is big. We were still in the province as we watched the forest roll-by at breakfast next morning! 

Gail, Stu and Janet Selfie
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