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Postcard #5 Baltic Sea Cruise

 Helsinki and Stockholm Approaching Helsinki on a bright sunny morning, we watched rocky, evergreen-studded islands drift by our ship. Cool temperatures, a light breeze, and drifting scattered clouds welcomed us to Finland's capital and largest city. Nautica, tied to the dock in the city center, allowed us an easy walk off the ship and time to...

Saint Petersburg  Gliding past rusted and abandoned factories, shipyards and piers, Nautica approached the city through what appeared to be the wreckage of Soviet-era industrialization. But when we tied-up at our birth along Leytenanta Shimidta Embankment in the Neva River we felt surrounded by the Baroque former Russian Imperial capital. And ...
 The Baltic States The three small countries collectively referred to as the Baltic States have a combined area smaller than Missouri and a population only a bit larger. But they've always occupied a bigger place in our imagination—so we looked forward to our first visit here with eager anticipation.We explored three historic port cities ...
Copenhagen and Karlskrona The weather is one variable that requires flexibility and adaptability. After a day on the North Sea we were scheduled to arrive at Skagen, at the northern tip of Denmark next morning. The weather however seemed of a different mind—30-40 knot wind and 15-foot swells convinced our Captain, after determining that the local p...